Nothing beats a good sweat

Am I the only one who struggles with going back to the gym after a day off??  Oh MAN can that be tough!

Yesterday was my rest day… and it was AWESOME.  One thing I`ve learned through my years of being an ICU nurse is how to enjoy time off.  Like really just shut off my brain and indulge in laziness, or fun, or whatever it is that I feel like indulging in.  I`ve read some running blogs where people describe struggling with overtraining and not wanting to rest on their rest days…

I do NOT have that problem.

No matter how much you love what you do, you need to take a day off from it every now and then!!

So last night was a fabulous date night out with my husband, Joe.  We had lots of dranks and tons of extremely unhealthy food, and it was just generally good times.  (This is what happens when you marry one of your drinking buddies… Date night is pretty much just bar hopping and sports watching and general goofiness.  Which I looove.)




Those fries are smothered in Gorgonzola…  just saying.

As an aside, we are Canadians who are currently living in the US…  we’re only here temporarily, so we don’t have in-State ID.  And we actually got KICKED OUT of a bar last night for not having local ID.  ??!!?!?!  Is this a THING?  We both have valid Canadian ID, and we’re definitely not under age.  I was SHOCKED!  We were forced to go next door and spend all our money at THAT bar instead.

Alright, so let’s get back on track.

We were back at the gym today, and this is where it gets tough for me.  As soon as I take a day off from training, I feel like I lose all of my momentum and I just want to sit on the couch like a blob, or go back to the bar for more of those Gorgonzola fries.

At least today was a cross training day, so you know what THAT means!!!  Boxing!!  Joe and I trained pretty hard today, both of us totally drenched in sweat and feeling pretty great by the time we were finished.  This is one of the best feelings in the world.

And now please allow me a few minutes to go on a quick little rant…  People, I am NOT one of these girls who can give it her all at the gym and still look immaculately made up and fresh right afterwards.  I canNOT engage in lung-burning, muscle-wasting efforts of fitness and strength without looking like a total mess afterwards.  And because this blog is all about being open and sharing my COMPLETE journey to a half marathon, I will most likely be posting some pretty unflattering photos of myself…  It only seems fair.  So this is me, after a few rounds of drills and sparring:


It’s tough to keep your hair pinned back when you’re taking sweeping left hooks to the head from your sparring partner.  (But, really, who’s fault is that for not keeping my hands up??)

Anyway, I may LOOK like a mess in this photo, but I’m feeling pretty freaking awesome at this point.  I followed this up with some intervals on the bike, and that’s another workout in the books!!  Pretty cool way to spend your Saturday night.

This is the feeling that I try to remember when all I want to do is go out and party or stay at home all comfy and curled up on the couch…  It’s that beautiful, messy, exhausted, sweaty, triumphant feeling that keeps me going back for more.



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