Two workouts, some yoga, and hot new threads

Today was yoga day at my house.  After two back to back intense gym days, where I managed to run a total of 5 miles and do every possible kind of squat, pushup, lunge, dip and pulldown/pullup in the book, today was yoga day.

Oh boy did I need it!

I’ve had a pretty successful week of working out since being back from vacation.  I’m moving up in weight for most of my exercises, and I’ve started being very purposeful with my warmup cardio.  Instead of just warming up for 10 minutes, like my trainer suggests, I make sure that every minute I spend on the treadmill has a purpose.  Either it’s a mini 3-4 mile tempo run, or a maybe couple miles of intervals.  I’m really starting to feel stronger, and it’s super fun.

I have to admit, though, when I get crazy intense about strength and cardio, I always end up getting injured.  I was considering heading to the gym tonight after work, but my glutes and thighs were suggesting that maybe it’s time for a rest day.  I’m carrying a lot of tightness today, and spent pretty much my whole shift on my feet taking care of a sick little cardiac surgery baby!  So I gave my body what it wanted.  Runner’s yoga!   (Is this the beginning of an addiction??)

Here it is, boys and girls, the runner’s yoga I did today.

And here is the quick little ab circuit I tagged on the end, just for kicks.  It’s day 6 of the 30 day yoga challenge that I am (sort of) following.  (And by sort of, I mean that when I decide to do yoga, I pick up where I left off in this challenge.  So I guess that means I’ve done yoga exactly 6 times so far this year.)

I am still absolutely terrible at most poses, especially downward dog and runner’s lunges…  I actually thought I was getting better last week, but after all those squats and treadmill runs this week, I must have looked pretty pathetic tonight doing my sort-of-downward-dog.  But I’m just beginning my weekend of work, which means working 12 hour days Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and this really is a beautiful way to kick it off…  my legs feel AMAZING after that runner’s yoga, and I think I’ll be ready for some post-work cardio tomorrow night now that things have had a bit of a rest, and a chance to loosen up.  🙂

Oh, and ps, I almost forgot!  I got some awesome new workout clothes for my birthday this week!!!  Wuuuut…  I really considered photographing myself in them for this blog, and then quickly realized how terrible I am at selfies.  I’m just not the girl who photographs herself in the change room and posts it on the internet…  So you’ll have to just trust me on this, but I got some great Under Armour and Adidas stuff, and I am in love.

So happy running/training/yoga-ing to all of you this weekend!!


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