I started this blog mostly for myself, as a place to log my workouts and record my journey as I train for my first half marathon.  I`ve always been a casual runner, but now I’m stepping up my game, so this blog acts as a way to keep me accountable and help me stick to my training program.

It`s impossible for me to write about running without also writing about the rest of my life.  My life as an ICU nurse and my adventures as a newlywed will be a part of my posts as well.  Truthfully, training is intertwined with everything else we do in our lives, isn`t it?  I can’t tell my running story without just telling the complete story of me!

It’s always a weird feeling for me to publish a new post.  Every time I do it, I do it knowing that there are a million other running blogs out there that are being written by serious, accomplished runners, people who have good advice and tons of experience to share with the running community.  So if nobody feels the need to read about how terrible I am at this, that’s ok with me.  I’m writing my story the same way I plan to run my race…  It’s all about being a better version of myself, learning from my mistakes, and keeping at it.  And if anyone finds it helpful to read about my challenges and successes in order to motivate them to accomplish their own goals, that will make me one very very happy ICU runner.  🙂



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