Not super anything

I have to admit, I`ve been more ICU then Runner lately.  My first week back at work is hitting me pretty hard, and the 12 hour shifts have me getting home at 8:30pm, making a quick dinner, and passing right out afterwards.  My running schedule has been a bit of a mess this week, and I think my mood has started to show it.

Today was a rough day.  I spent 12 hours being abused by an ungrateful and manipulative patient, and by the time I got home, I`d really had enough.  Enough of ducking flying fists and medical equipment. Enough of trying to be kind to a very angry and very sick teenager who really needed my patience and kindness.  I think I did a good job, but I was burnt out afterwards.  It was just really tough.

It was cold comfort coming home to an empty apartment, knowing that Joe was himself knee deep in an evening shift as a doctor at the emergency department.  He won`t be home until I`m already asleep, because I have to go back for more tomorrow morning.

Good lord, how will I face tomorrow without losing my mind??

I think this is a brilliant example of why I run, and why I fell in love with running in the first place.  For the first time in a long time, I went for a run because I needed to.  It had nothing to do with my pace or my distance or my training schedule.  The second I walked in the door, I was changing out of my scrubs and into my running gear and heading right back out.  There are days when I come home feeling like super nurse, or super wife, or even sometimes super athlete.  Tonight I didn’t feel like super anything.  I needed that run, just to get my mind clear, to get my sanity back.  To burn off the frustration of the day and prepare for tomorrow.  This is why I run.

Today’s workout log: 6.1 blissful miles in 1:01.



Back to business!

So I have officially moved back to Canada!  It took me a few days longer than I thought to get back in the workout groove, but I must say, it’s good to be back home in the True North and I’m excited to get outside and run all over my city again.  I have tons of happy running memories on these streets, and I already feel a thousand per cent more enthusiastic about running now that I’m back in my home sweet home.

There is just something about belonging in a place, and I belong here.

This was one of the first things I ate when we got back, in a shopping mall, while waiting to get our Canadian phones activated.


I love poutine so much, I want to marry it. Prepare yourselves for lots more poutine pictures to come.

So it’s been a pretty slack week for me in the workout department.  There were a couple of days where my exercise came in the form of lifting and hauling heavy boxes and furniture.  Now that that’s over, I’m easing my way back into my training schedule.  I’m also being pretty careful about my knee, so I may be doing more cross training than running in the coming days.  Today, I went to the very lovely gym down the street and opened a new membership.  This gym seems pretty cool, they even have a boxing gym that’s open on weekends!!  Yay!  I didn’t fully explore the place yet, but I did get in some good cross training on the elliptical.  I’m so excited about this new gym, I can’t even express it.  I want to do all the classes, and then spend all of my time in their boxing gym, and then also lift every weight.  So, we’ll see about that.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

And just in case there are nights when I can’t get to the gym before it closes at 10pm (which WILL happen, with my weirdo nurse schedule) check out this delightful little addition to our home:


There she is, in all her splendor.  I love her already, and we’ve only just met.

So I’m feeling pretty darn excited about the upcoming summer…  actually, I’m excited about the whole upcoming year, including the ups and yes, the downs, that come with training.  I can’t wait to get back into the groove, and see where these feet of mine can take me!