Fun at the gym

I think it is a good thing that I took yesterday off training, because it meant I was rested for today`s trainer session.  And still, I almost died.  It was the first day of a new program, so I know I`m only going to get stronger after this.  I`m really starting to love the first couple of weeks of a new program, because it`s so challenging, and I know that within a couple of weeks, I`ll be much stronger.

So my warmup today was all body weight exercises.  Burpees, squats, pushups, pullups, and then some time on the rowing machine.  Then repeat, x5…  I love how that was only the warmup.  I was feeling pretty good about myself until my trainer ran me through a new upper body routine and my new leg day routine.  We did each new exercise once, to get a sense of how heavy I should lift to start out.  I`m telling you, by the end, I was done.  There were multiple points where my muscles just failed.  It is hard to do one armed pushups after “warming up” with pushups, pullups and burpees!  My trainer would be yelling at me for “one more!”  And my arms would just stop working…  I had no juice left.  I couldn’t finish my new ab circuit either.  Again, my muscles just stopped working, and all I could do was laugh at myself.  One more felt like an insurmountable task at that point.

So today was super challenging and fun.  I won’t see my trainer again for two weeks, but it’s really cool to think that I’ll be able to complete my entire program by then without hitting total muscle failure.  She’s really pushing me, but I like it!!  It’s really nice sometimes to have one of those workouts that is totally ridiculous, in the sense that it’s so challenging that the only thing you can do is laugh at yourself.  I’m telling you, we laughed a lot today.  🙂

When you’re out there killing yourself to get through a workout or a run, try to take a step outside of yourself and remember to laugh.  It’s ridiculous what we put ourselves through in the name of fitness.  But keep it light if you can!  When you’re hurting and you’re sweating and you’re pushing so hard, I mean, that’s what it’s all about, right?  And when you hit that wall super hard like I did today, take a mental note of it.  Remember that moment.  And come back and try again tomorrow…  the wall will be further and further away every time.