Easing into it: the week in workouts and praise for yoga

After two weeks of suffering through the flu, I finally started to feel like myself again this week.  For the first time since being sick, my body is finally craving exercise…  Finally!!  I was starting to wonder if I’d completely lost my mojo.

Even though I’ve been desperate to get back to the gym, I’m still at a place where just walking up the stairs to my apartment can leave me feeling winded.  I’m afraid to push myself too hard and end up going backwards, so I’ve decided to ease back into my workouts.  My plan was to start out with a little yoga, and then move on to a light cardio day before finally hitting the weights at 100% effort.  I’m thinking long-term here…  build that base!!

So, listen guys, I’m terrible at yoga.  I have to go into a private place and close the door so no one can see me while I struggle through each pose, otherwise I’m so self conscious the whole time that I can’t focus on what I’m supposed to be doing…  my IT bands will always be tight, no matter how much I stretch them.  And even though I’ve got crazy strong legs, they also happen to be crazy inflexible.  Yup, I definitely have the stereotypical runner’s body…  I’ve dabbled in yoga many times, and I always end up preferring harder hitting, high intensity sports, like boxing, running, and weight lifting.  But I think I may finally start incorporating yoga into my regular exercise routine.  I’m learning that it really doesn’t matter how good you are at it.  You will feel amazing when it’s over…  and with all those Runner’s Lunges and crazy stretches for your hips and IT bands, all you runners out there (myself especially!!) could stand to benefit a lot from a little yoga practice.

My week has actually gone pretty well according to plan.  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were all yoga days.  I returned to work on Wednesday, for 3 day shifts in a row.  So Thursday after work was my first day back at the gym.  I wasn’t sure how much energy I’d have after working a 12 hour shift, but I have to say, it felt pretty good!!  Walking back into the gym after an almost-3-week hiatus was so great.  I wanted to do all the exercises!  I wanted to hit the weights and the treadmill, and work out every muscle group in my body…  but I stuck to my plan, which was to do some medium-effort cardio and see how my body handled it.  Plus, after a 12 hour work day, I didn’t have time to stay at the gym for much more than that.  I ended up doing 35min on the elliptical, and I truly felt I could have kept going forever.  But in the interest of not overdoing it too soon, I stuck to my plan, and called it a day.

Oh man, does it ever feel good to finally be back!  Today is the first day off I’ve had in a long time where I actually feel healthy!  So my workout this afternoon will be the circuit my trainer designed for me.  It’ll be my first time lifting weights since being sick.  Next week’s goal is to get back to where I was pre-illness:  3-4 serious workouts per week, and now I think I’ll add a day of yoga to top it all off!

Here is the link to a 30 day yoga challenge I’ve been (loosely) following this week.  For those of you who are beginners to yoga, or are just yoga challenged, like me, the first few days of this 30 day challenge are an excellent way to ease into yoga practice without absolutely dying or falling flat on your face.  It’s called Yoga with Adriene.  Try it out!!

Oh, and let’s add a photo to today’s blog…  a little taste of Montreal in mid January from a long, wintery walk I took this week.  Street art and snow!!  Love it.


What are your favorite workout days?  Your long running day?  Your weight days?  Or are you a big-time yogi?


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