Taking it slow, and my new pants!

Let me preface this post by saying one thing:  I am currently extremely poor.

I am not saying this to complain…  Yes, I’m poor, but I’m also extremely happy, so I wouldn’t want anyone to take that the wrong way.  But I will say that, while this is a temporary situation, the level of poorness in the ICU Runner household is pretty ridiculous.  I’m counting the days until I return to nursing so I can start taking overtime shifts at the hospital to finance shopping sprees, eating out, and all those other “extras” that we’ve been carefully foregoing all year long.

And because I’ve been abstaining from shopping for what feels like an eternity (but in real time is really only a few months), I was pretty freaking excited to get a new pair of running pants in the mail today!!

My previous pair have had a giant hole in the bum for months, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spring for a new pair.  I finally caved the other day, though, when I realized that the hole in my old pants can accommodate more than one of my fingers. It’s getting embarrassing.  (Maybe that explains the weird looks I was getting from that dude at the gym yesterday?)

And so today, look what arrived!!



Alright, so thanks for indulging me there…  Now on to some serious talk.

The last couple of days, my body has been feeling pretty normal the day after my workouts.  I am intentionally taking it slow, because I’ve been warned so many times about the importance of sticking to my training schedule, and building up my mileage slowly so that my gains will be sustainable.  But I think I’m ready to kick it up a notch.  A couple weeks ago, running a few kilometers meant some pretty serious fatigue for the rest of the day, and a crazy, all consuming, borderline beast-like appetite.  But after a couple weeks of consistent training, I’m not hangry all the time anymore, and I’m not sore anymore.  I think my body is adjusting… and I’m getting a little anxious to bump my training up to the next level.

I know I’m training for a half marathon, not a sprint.  And I’m doing more than that, really, I’m building a more consistent, healthier lifestyle.  But sometimes I get impatient with myself and just want to skip ahead!

Does anyone else find it tough to take it slow?



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