First Post! Oh how exciting!

This feels like a cross between a job interview and a first date… and it’s hard to know how to start. Trying to write a first blog post that will explain all of my reasons for starting a blog and why you should be aching to read it, written with such wit and ease that you feel we’ve been best friends for years. I’m so charming, so likeable, and I have so many important things to say!

Well I don’t think I’ll exactly be able to reach those aspirations. But I will at least introduce myself.

So here I am. I am a novice runner (something I will talk a lot about), a nurse who takes care of critically ill kids (something that may come up every now and then), and a new wife (something that I love more than anything). I have friends, much like you do, and family, just like you have… And this is my blog!!

There will be a lot about me training for my first half marathon, and a little bit about everything else. And while I am terribly nervous to be recording and displaying my journey to 13.1 (as well as any other challenges I may face along the way) for all of the blogosphere to see, I think this is the best way to make the lessons I learn helpful for other people. We all have a story, so here is mine for you to digest, relate to, laugh at, and hopefully enjoy.

And ps to all you nurses out there…  HAPPY NURSE’S WEEK!


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